Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ok, now for a real hello.

Hi there,

Welcome to what will hopefully become a new home for those of us outside the standard "beauty" mold. I know there are a number of blogs that never really took off for plus size women in the GTA, but the plan is for this one to be different! I hope this will become a one stop shop for everything from where to shop for beautiful clothes and be treated to wonderful sales staff, to where to go in case of size discrimination and how to make our needs and wants heard amongst the voices of those who silence us.

Ok, well that is enough about the why's and what's, now how about the Who?

I am a daughter, a sister a wife and a mother. I am a teacher, a jeweler, an event planner and a secretary. I am now overly short and not overly tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. I like black and purple and blue. I also like pink. I do not like yellow. I am a university graduate. I am friendly and social. I love to wear funky clothes and jewelery, and if I can not find what I want I will make it myself. I like to travel. I have sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins. Lots of them. I am also fat.


Wow, I never really use that word. Chubby, fluffy, round, large, big, curvy... those are all really just other words for fat. So why does that single word carry such negative connotations?

Clearly I am not trying to hide who I am. You just look at me and you know. People do not meet me and think I am a tiny tinkerbell until I use the word and then go "OH MY GOSH!!! She is HUGE and I never would have noticed if she hadn't said anything!"

One of the thing I hope to explore in this blog is why that word scares so many people. Why is it that word freaks out both fat and thin people alike?

Well I guess I am sort of going to leave you hanging on that one because I have absolutely no idea. I guess you will just have to come back and read more :)

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