Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feeling Blah

I am very, very tired and I have no idea why.

I mean, tired to the point of non-functional. I thought it was just a bad few days, but for almost 3 weeks now I have just been too tired to accomplish much.

I have n0 interest in being in the studio. I have been really short tempered and feel like I am going to cry pretty much all the time.

I feel sort of sad and lonely and empty and there is no real reason for it as I have friends and am generally pretty happy now. Intellectually, I am happier than I think I have ever been.

I wish I knew why I feel so blah.

If life was not going so well I would be worried I was slipping back into a depression- but as life is going pretty darn well that is a) silly and b) impossible.

I just wish I knew why I feel like I left my brain somewhere. If you find it can you please send it back? I sort of miss it.

Shopping in Friend's closets

I forgot how much fun going shopping in someone elses closet can be. A friend of mine told me she had a bunch of stuff that would be good for wearing in the studio (why stain my own stuff when I can just use someone else's non-wearable stained stuff until I destroy it completely). On half (or more) of the shirts she gave me I can not for the life of me find anything wrong with them.

Ok, so I did not get a whole lot of studio wear, but I got some nice shirts that I have been wearing for the last two weeks.

Actually, the best things about shopping in other' people's closets is you end up with all sorts of things you would never actually buy for yourself. I ended up with some colours I would never even think to pull off the shelf- and I really like them! I got this one sort of sage green shirt that I wore into Tel Aviv last week and I had a BUS DRIVER complement me on how nice the colour was on me (ok, so slightly creepy, but all the sime I rather enjoyed the moment!). Now it is a colour I will give a second look to in my own shopping.

I also go to try some new shapes/styles that I woudl not normally try. Although the sort of babydoll cut with layered sleeves is not likely to ever see the light of day again, the one with embroidered flowers is actually kid of cute!

It is a great way to take some risks without spending any money (which to me means making a comittment to actually wearing them!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Israeli Shopping

Oh my gosh! I went shopping with a friend in Jerusalem last week and she taught me something. Stores here do not need to be a "plus sized store" in order to carry plus sizes! She took me in to a bunch of funky looking trendy stores that I would never think to go in to and they had stuff that fit me! I got a gorgeous grey layers skirt at shkalim and although I used ot buy clothes there in a previous lifetime would never have even thought to go in there now.

I have also learned about 2 other stores, one called "Matim Li" (translates roughly to "good for me") and another stores whose name I can not remember (must get name!) that had gorgeous and cool clothes in every size.

I thne went into the famous "no clothing over 50 shekel (thoughly $15 US" store on Yaffo near Ben Yehuda and not only did I find a skirt that fit (although I did nto get it as I did not love the colours) but they told me they are opening a plus sized section!!!! Fun, colourful clothing for reasonable ammounts of money (although I suspect their plus section will be more expensive by a little, but I can understand that as fabric costs are slightly more.

I am also now bringing in tights from we love colours. They might be expensive but they take a freaking beating! I have worn the brown ones I got 10 times or so and they are still in one piece (but I suspect we might be getting to the end of their useful life as the inner seam is wearing out). I LOVE the colours and the fact the colour does not wash out as it stretches. THey now also have footless tights that I will probably get for next year so I can wear them with fuzzy socks (I hate wearing socks over tights as I find my foot ends up sliding around too much and I get icky blisters.

My plan is to get back into updating this thing a little more often now that I am more settled and finguring things out a little more. I will say that overall my adjustment period has been great. Althoguh I find most Israeli's do tend ot be skinny, I have found them to be overall much more accepting and accomidating to the idea that people come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

The coat

Got the coat. It is nice and mostly what I was looking for. As I do not think we are going to get any more wet weather this year (although please God we will as we really need more rain!) I will put it away for next year.

Honestly, it is nice but nothing overly special. Junonia service was terrible. shipping was more than the cost of the coat. They did not follow directions or even tell me they were not going to until I asked.

I would not order from them again and would certainly not recommend them to anyone else.