Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping in Friend's closets

I forgot how much fun going shopping in someone elses closet can be. A friend of mine told me she had a bunch of stuff that would be good for wearing in the studio (why stain my own stuff when I can just use someone else's non-wearable stained stuff until I destroy it completely). On half (or more) of the shirts she gave me I can not for the life of me find anything wrong with them.

Ok, so I did not get a whole lot of studio wear, but I got some nice shirts that I have been wearing for the last two weeks.

Actually, the best things about shopping in other' people's closets is you end up with all sorts of things you would never actually buy for yourself. I ended up with some colours I would never even think to pull off the shelf- and I really like them! I got this one sort of sage green shirt that I wore into Tel Aviv last week and I had a BUS DRIVER complement me on how nice the colour was on me (ok, so slightly creepy, but all the sime I rather enjoyed the moment!). Now it is a colour I will give a second look to in my own shopping.

I also go to try some new shapes/styles that I woudl not normally try. Although the sort of babydoll cut with layered sleeves is not likely to ever see the light of day again, the one with embroidered flowers is actually kid of cute!

It is a great way to take some risks without spending any money (which to me means making a comittment to actually wearing them!)

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