Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feeling Blah

I am very, very tired and I have no idea why.

I mean, tired to the point of non-functional. I thought it was just a bad few days, but for almost 3 weeks now I have just been too tired to accomplish much.

I have n0 interest in being in the studio. I have been really short tempered and feel like I am going to cry pretty much all the time.

I feel sort of sad and lonely and empty and there is no real reason for it as I have friends and am generally pretty happy now. Intellectually, I am happier than I think I have ever been.

I wish I knew why I feel so blah.

If life was not going so well I would be worried I was slipping back into a depression- but as life is going pretty darn well that is a) silly and b) impossible.

I just wish I knew why I feel like I left my brain somewhere. If you find it can you please send it back? I sort of miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, whether or not life is externally going well doesn't always matter when it comes to having an episode of depression! If this goes on any longer I hope you'll get some help before things get worse!