Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fat Lady here, and rather proud of it.

Today there was a carnival at my daughter's school, and parents were asked to attend. Since it started less than an hour after I dropped her off, and I do not have access to a car during the day, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to find myself an unused, out of the way corner, turn on my i-pod, and get some work done.

I found a nice little spot on the back stair case. I sat on the landing with my feet on the step below me. I knew it was not a problem because the director saw me and asked why I was "parking myself" there, but when I said it just did not make sense to go home. I passingly wondered if the "Parked" comment was a "size of a truck" joke, then remembered who I was dealing with and that she is one of the nicest women in the world and told myself to grow up. There is no way in hell that is what she meant.

Shortly thereafter, I start hearing "Hey, there's a fat lady on the stairs" coming from a bunch of kindergarten students on the 2nd floor (who are clearly out of class without permission and I hear their teacher ordering them back in). "You gotta come see this! It's a fat lady on the stairs".

I must have been bright red. I was both embarrassed and angry. How dare they!?!? I thought about the lovely thing I could say them. "Yeah, well, I could lose weight you will still be idiots" Um, hello? They are 5. What sort of bitch am I?

Ok, lets use this to teach a lesson. It is a religious school after all. I could remind them that "God made me just like God made you and are they making fun of something God created?" Yeah, I could say that. And then they could look at me like I am nuts. Remember, they are 5.

Well, maybe I should I just tell them it is not nice to make fun of people?

Then I realized something. What were they making fun of?

I am a fat lady. In fact, it is a fairly good descriptor of me. Am I fat? Clearly. Do I do my best to always act like a lady? Well, at least in public. These kids were not necessarily making fun of me, they were just commenting on what their eyes were showing them.

Would I prefer for people to look at me and say "Skinny Bitch" or "Gorgeous Loner"? I think not! Ok in my heart of hearts I might prefer Gorgeous Lady, but lets face it, to someone 3 feet tall my girth might be noticed before my "pretty face" (which incidentally is something else I hate hearing... well, not the pretty face bit -- it is that "but" that always goes with it!)

(So I never did say anything because I heard the teacher telling them off for being out of class and for yelling any "not nice names" at anyone, especially adults so I figured they already got told. Also, by the time I finished this whole little shenanigin in my head they were already gone. I either need to learn to think faster or speak without thinking. Of course, had I done that I would have just said "Oh yeah? Well I am rubber and your gluuuuuuuuuue...").

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sale at my place :)

This week only.


Yes the world does revolve around me dangle earrings

with any purchase over $30.
Available in jade, rose quartz, white agate, onyx, mother of pearl or hematite.

Just quote "fatshion" in the buyer notes.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Look at me! Look at me!

Someone liked my work enough to interview me for a blog with a nice sized readership. Not only that, but that someone is the someone who put together the Fatshion search engine.

Go check me (and Diana from FatChic) out here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow Pants follow up from Junonia; Score +1 for customer service!

Ok, so less than a week after posting my entry about how I was fooled by Junonia who had adversized having snow pants but when I got there I could not find them, I cam home to a surprise in my inbox.

I received a note from a Customer Service Supervisor and Operations Specialist at Junonia explaining that although they did have, they are now just sold out for the season. She offered me a gift certificate to use next year towards the purchase of a pair of waterproof pants.

She commented that she well understands the importance of warm and dry clothing and looked forward to further communication.

Score 1 for Junonia customer service!

Ego boost for me - someoen is actually reading my blog!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Outer Wear

I spent this afternoon playing outside in the mountains of snow with my husband and my daughter. It was great fun, and for the most part we were all bundled up in a bunch of layers so we stayed warm enough.

My daughter has a great bright pink snowsuit. The snowsuits out for kids are great. Bright colours. Great fabrics.

My husband has a nice dark pair of waterproof pants. For some strange reason he chose not to wear them, but that was entirely his business. He also has a great ski jacket that he loves and keeps him snuggly warm.

As for me, I have a wonderful suede winter coat that I have had for almost 10 years now. I remember, I spent a couple hundred bucks on it when I first got it, and my mom made a big deal that I BETTER wear it for a number of years at that price. I figure amortized over the 10 years I have had it so far, even minus the cost of a new zipper two years ago, I have gotten my money's worth.

What do I not have? I do not have anything that could have, would have, or should have protected my legs from the cold and the wet. I wore a pair of leggings, under a pair of sweats, under a skirt, and I still came in soaking wet from the thigh down.

In a quick google search I was pleased to find that Junonia claimed to have plus sized snowpants. Of course, when I got to their website I found that there were none listed. Oh, they have one piar of " PerfecTemp™ Fleece Pant" but they are not in any way waterproof. Google could not turn up one single pair of waterprrof pants even of the non-warm variety that I could just use over sweats.

I live in CANADA people. It is cold and there is a lot of snow so that makes it cold and wet. Yes extra body weight helps keep mammals warm, but it does not keep us from getting soaked.

If anyone knows of anywhere that sell plus sized snowpants could you please let me know? I am tired of not getting to play in the snow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plus sized search engine

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, please allow me to introduce the newest innovation in online fatshion,


Until now, if you needed a pair of purple leather pants, you would have to google "purple leather pants, then wade through the millions of hits that were meant for size 2 fashion models, and it would take 1000 hits before you might find even one meant for fatshionistas like ourselves. Diana over at Fat Chic has created a search engine designed to search only plus sized stores. This means that you will only get purple leather pants in stores that cater to plus sized women!

Now, I know this is still a pain for Canadians in that most of those stores still refuse to ship north of the border (silly people don't realize we have money to spend and like to look good), but it is still a great place to start. Just type your want into the box on the top right and away you go!

It is not perfect, and I know she is still working on it, but for now it is a GIANT first step towards making online shopping more fat friendly.

New Shop of Mine


I love working with bright colours, and, after some pushing from friends looking for rainbow wear that did not look as if it was created for preschoolers, have decided to open a 2nd shop to market this work.

Because of the ever present rainbows I am marketing towards the tblgay community, however this work is meant for everyone. It is bright and colourful without being too over the top for every day wear.