Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plus sized search engine

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, please allow me to introduce the newest innovation in online fatshion,


Until now, if you needed a pair of purple leather pants, you would have to google "purple leather pants, then wade through the millions of hits that were meant for size 2 fashion models, and it would take 1000 hits before you might find even one meant for fatshionistas like ourselves. Diana over at Fat Chic has created a search engine designed to search only plus sized stores. This means that you will only get purple leather pants in stores that cater to plus sized women!

Now, I know this is still a pain for Canadians in that most of those stores still refuse to ship north of the border (silly people don't realize we have money to spend and like to look good), but it is still a great place to start. Just type your want into the box on the top right and away you go!

It is not perfect, and I know she is still working on it, but for now it is a GIANT first step towards making online shopping more fat friendly.

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