Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow Pants follow up from Junonia; Score +1 for customer service!

Ok, so less than a week after posting my entry about how I was fooled by Junonia who had adversized having snow pants but when I got there I could not find them, I cam home to a surprise in my inbox.

I received a note from a Customer Service Supervisor and Operations Specialist at Junonia explaining that although they did have, they are now just sold out for the season. She offered me a gift certificate to use next year towards the purchase of a pair of waterproof pants.

She commented that she well understands the importance of warm and dry clothing and looked forward to further communication.

Score 1 for Junonia customer service!

Ego boost for me - someoen is actually reading my blog!


stephanie said...

that is really unexpected and cool of them!

Rachel said...

I know! I was rather shocked but felt that I had to post about the good service.