Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Israeli Shopping

Oh my gosh! I went shopping with a friend in Jerusalem last week and she taught me something. Stores here do not need to be a "plus sized store" in order to carry plus sizes! She took me in to a bunch of funky looking trendy stores that I would never think to go in to and they had stuff that fit me! I got a gorgeous grey layers skirt at shkalim and although I used ot buy clothes there in a previous lifetime would never have even thought to go in there now.

I have also learned about 2 other stores, one called "Matim Li" (translates roughly to "good for me") and another stores whose name I can not remember (must get name!) that had gorgeous and cool clothes in every size.

I thne went into the famous "no clothing over 50 shekel (thoughly $15 US" store on Yaffo near Ben Yehuda and not only did I find a skirt that fit (although I did nto get it as I did not love the colours) but they told me they are opening a plus sized section!!!! Fun, colourful clothing for reasonable ammounts of money (although I suspect their plus section will be more expensive by a little, but I can understand that as fabric costs are slightly more.

I am also now bringing in tights from we love colours. They might be expensive but they take a freaking beating! I have worn the brown ones I got 10 times or so and they are still in one piece (but I suspect we might be getting to the end of their useful life as the inner seam is wearing out). I LOVE the colours and the fact the colour does not wash out as it stretches. THey now also have footless tights that I will probably get for next year so I can wear them with fuzzy socks (I hate wearing socks over tights as I find my foot ends up sliding around too much and I get icky blisters.

My plan is to get back into updating this thing a little more often now that I am more settled and finguring things out a little more. I will say that overall my adjustment period has been great. Althoguh I find most Israeli's do tend ot be skinny, I have found them to be overall much more accepting and accomidating to the idea that people come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

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