Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok, so I have heard of a store, now how to find it

I have been told of a store here in RBS that carries plus sizes and supposedly has really nice stuff. I have been told that although the prices are not exactly reasonable, they are also not as terrible as they could be (greeeeeeeeat...). I even saw an add for them in an English publication that we get (seemingly randomly as I have no idea how often we get it and never know when to expect it) last week that my husband tossed before I told him I actually needed it (thankfully, I got to read the section of short story they printed becuase I am enjoying the serial and do not want to miss a segment).

There is a local private phone book here in Beit Shemesh called, funny enough, the shemesh-phone. It is not there. At least not in the 2 year old version we got for free when we moved here from a friend of ours who has the more up to date version. We can nto get an up to date version as there seem to be none left. In any case, we asked and they do nto seem tobe in there.

So I have no idea where the store is (chances are it is in someone's basement. Most shops here are not in actual store fronts unles they are willing ot pay the big bucks as there is not a lot of commercial space in RBSA). I have no idea what sizes they carry- someone told me they think to European size 62. Anyone know what that is in the old contry?). I haven o idea how to reach them.

This is fun.

On the other hand, my mommy and a friend of mine sent me real, honest to goodness, Canadian tights. I am a much happier camper now when I need to go out at night.

Going into Tel Aviv tomorrow. There has to be a plus sized store in Tel Aviv right? Any idea how the heck I would find it?

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