Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I am no importing tights from Canada and the US becuase I have given up and my legs are freakin' freezing! Thank goodness I have some wonderful people back in the substantially colder (and clearly more plus sized friendly) north to help me out or I might be the first person in the Mediterranean to lose a leg or two to fristbite.

I am starting to think about opening a plus sized shop over here. It seems to be a nice that needs filling. The only problem is that I do not tihnk it would fly hwere I am. Too small town. I think if I am going to do it I need to do it in either Jerusalem ore Tel Aviv. Truthfully, I figure there has to be something, but there is probably a local colloquialism for "plus size" that I jsut do not know to look for.

Be that as it may my mom is sending a bunch of pairs, and my friend Andrea is sending over a whole bunch that are mroe colourful. I am also thinking of ordering a few pairs from "we love colors" but frankly they ar really expensive. The colors are awesome, but once you convert the price into shkalim it just kills me to think about actually doing it.

On the "plus" side, my studio is now back up and running again. I love my new studio here. I am so much light and space. I never imagined the difference that having a seperate, dedicated work space would make. It make me feel so much more professional, and I think it comes across when I am dealing with people as well. I can now actualy have clients into the studio and do not need to meet them at a local coffee shop (which is a good thing becuase there isn't one).

My Etsy shop is slowly getting back up on its feet after months of neglect. I have some local work in both custom work and repairs starting to come in. Other than the fact that having to go on a supply run is a 6 hour trek into Tel Aviv, from a business point of view things have never been better.

Well, except for the fact that I sliced my finger last week becuase I was doing something particularly stupid. Ruined the piece as well becuase my hand jumped and my saw took a huge gash out of the silver I was working on.


Oh well, such is life I guess.


Bas Melech said...

If you're living in RBS you should know that there is a good store for plus sizes called "Black and White" in a machsan on Nachal Kishon.

happyduck1979 said...

I just heard about them last night! do you know what size they go up to?

Bas Melech said...

I think a 62.

happyduck1979 said...

ok, now need to figure out what that is in "American". I am so not used to the sizing systems here!

Bas Melech said...
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