Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got my tights!

So far as I know there is NOWHERE in this country to get fat tights. I know there has to be as there are lots of fat people wearing tights, but apparently I am not worthy of joining the "in the know" crowd about where to get them.

So I needed a different solution.

I asked a fried to help me. I picked someone I know from back home who is incredibly stylish, likes to have fun with her clothing, demands comfort, and also a plus size to help me carry out my plan. I sent her into either Additionelle or Penningtons (I can not remember which) with the awesome instruction "Money is no object! Buy and ship!"

Now, with instructions like that, who would not have fun?

I got burgandy and purple and brown and blue and black with funky patterns and grey. (I have also since ordered light blue, gold and tie dye from We love colours which were shipped to my mom and are coming when she comes to visit T O M O R R O W ! ! ! (YAY for a mommy-visit!).

She popped them into the mail and I figured I would get them in a week or two.

Did I mention that all of this took palce the first week of November?

Last week my husband and I were away for a few days, and I came home to find 3 package notices in my mail box. Oh was I hoping (as I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting the stuff beign that it has been pretty much 3 months!).

I went to the post office, and there was not 1, not two, but *3* different packages, each having been shipped the first week of November!!!!!!!!!!

Note to self- mail is insanely slow.

But- I GOT MY TIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wore purple tights to a bris this week. Wow did I feel funky. I have never owned purple tights before because I never wanted to spend the money on them. With someone else doing the buying I had to reply on her judgement.

Not only that, but they did not fall apart the first time I wore them so I get ot wear them again!

Thanks AL for totally making my winter for me!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I were in the know, too. Been looking for tights that fit for years! Several have sizes listed that go up to my weight . . . but I'm only 5' 2', and as the tights sizes go up to larger weights, they also lengthen. Not what I need!