Thursday, January 29, 2009

Junonia strikes out again

So after the saga of the snowpants last year, I was prepared to give Junonia another try. They were nice enough to send me a gift certificate becuase of the hulabaloo. I really thought that it was just one of those things that happen and azoy.

Well. I used the gift certificate (which was about to expire) to buy myself a new coat off of their website. I noticed they had shipping to Israel- Great! I thought this was going ot be the find of the century for fatshionistas in Israel.

Yeah, not so fast. If I wanted to have their item shipped to Israel, I had to pay through a 3rd party (not the biggest deal wince they were also a reputable company) and the shipping costs, on this coat for which I was paying roughly $50 (it was on sale) were roughly $250! (Please note, I am currently waiting for a couriered package, 2 day courier, from the US, and it was only $150!)

Um, yeah. Not goign ot happen.

So I figure I will have the coat shipped to my mother who is comming to visit in a few weeks. she can bring it with her. Shipping to canada was still outragiously expensive, but as I had the gift certificate and had found a coat on sale it was within what I was willing to pay. So I went through the checkout process, gave my mother's addres and signed up for 2 day shipping, and figured as she was not leaving for almost 3 weeks I was good to go.

I got a confirmation email saig the items were in stock and would ship immidiatly.

That was november 13th. My mom was leaving on the 28.

The coat does not show up by the 15th. I figured maybe I ordered across the date line or something, give it an extra couple days.

January 20th I called them to find out where the coat was. I was told that "they do nto offer 2 day shipping to Canada" and that it had been automatically changed to regular shipping which could take from 10-17 days. Oh, and they only ship to Canada twice a week, so those times did not begin until the 16th when the package was shipped (the 16th beign the day it should have arrived!) Based on the new calculations, the coat would not be expected to arrive until February 2nd- well after my mother is set to leave.

I was furious! Now, if and when the coat shows up (there is no tracking or insurance on it, I asked! They told me it could not be done for packages leaving the US) I need to find another way to get it here. Thankfully I found someoen coming the end of February willing to bring it, but 1) It is already goign to be warming up by then, and 2) that was just luck! Otherwise it would have cost me $60 or moreto have it reshipped from Canada (Canada post rates stink).

Now, after arguing with them on the phone for an hour or so (and eating my voip minutes like crazy!) I got them to agree to refund the entire cost of the coat, plus shipping in both directions- if I send them back the coat. Logically that makes sense. If I do nto keep it I get my momney back- but there is no compensation for the trouble if I do keep the coat.

Suffice it to say that I will not likely be going back to Junonia any time soon. I am very, very frusterated that a place with such potential has dropped the ball so badly.

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