Sunday, December 27, 2009

Touring the country

For a country ful of gorgeous people, it is amazing how comfortable travel around these parts can be. I have never, not once, found a situation or seat that was not usable. I am constantly surrounded by people who seem to take their own bodies, and high and low points there of, in stride. It is entirely normal to see a woman with a tummy in a short or tight (or both) shirt and low ride pants with totally kick @$$ heels. Bus seats, train seats, movie seats- seriously, if you are looking for a comfortable vacation Israel is the place to visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I stumbled onto your website trying to find the right style of clothes for my figure. The first post I read was about the airline seat issue and that nutter who must of been on drugs with the type of comments / responses they were making. I think you handled him/her well and kept your tact.

I decided to explore your site a bit more, and I have to say I found it very depressing. I could be totally wrong here but I don't think it's your size that seems to be the issue but your self esteem and confidence. I got really depressed reading your blogs and decided to stop readin them and pop you a note instead. the comment of some days not leaving the house made me re read in in awe. It baffled me. You are letting your size determine who you are. Personally I don't think these blogs are healthy and I would compare it to some of the sits you see women posting about wanting to be skinner and anorexic and how they feel. Girl you need a huge shift in attitude and get up your self esteem. I don't know how big or small you are, what you look like but to me if you are constantly picking at the scab, it's going to bleed and you bring that attitude around with you and people will pick up on that and somewhat attracting that negative "energy" to you. I tell you what, i would only dare for someone to make a comment to me or make a moo noise (again from your blog) to me, it would be the last time cause my hand print would be implanted in their face so quick (not that i support violence) but they would know not to do it again to me or to anyone else. You come across as such an intelligent person (again from the way you write in your posts) but can't believe how you let it run you. You need to hold your head up high, bring out that confidence and bring up your self esteem. Noone in this world has the right to be mean to you or anyone, to make you feel bad about yourself, or to put you as a second class citizen. You are just as good and /or better than anyone else and how dare "they" say or think other wise. I wish you the best of luck - get out there strutting your stuff..and not pick at the scab! take care.