Monday, March 15, 2010

A question from a forum I frequent

A question was recently posed on an internet forum that I frequent "Do ugly people know they are ugly".  I did not reply there, but in my head my answer was "Yes we do."  No I am not saying all fat people are ugly, but I feel like I am.  If I were to lose all my weight I am pretty sure I would still not be attractive. 

Someone posted that the only truly ugly people they know are ugly on the inside, and that maybe it was just cases of the outside reflecting the inside.  I certainly hope that is not true.  While I might not be pretty, I would hate to think it was because I was also an awful person!


Chana said...

You are not ugly by any stretch of imagination.
Not by half.

Anonymous said...

Remember that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" That statement is so true! I'm sure there is something pretty about you. Get your mirror and find it. Great eyes, nice nose, beautiful lips, cute ears. How about all of the above! Be a beautiful person inside and present your self that way. Be proud of who you are and you will reflect that beauty outward. Stop being so over critical of yourself. You are not being a realist, you are saying that you are ugly. How dare you tell me what I think is ugly or beautiful. You don't have the right. Ask your family and friends. I bet they don't think you are ugly. Smile and love yourself!!

Anonymous said...

There is a saying "Good looks captures your attetion; but personaility captures your heart? I think that says a lot about looks.