Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Fuller Woman Expo

When I opened my email last night I was pleasantly surprised to have received an email from a woman who was connected with a group running a new show called "The Fuller Woman Expo". She claimed to have come across this blog and seen some of my work and that I was exactly what they were looking for.

I went to check out their website and it does seem that they are genuinely trying to get something that sounds like it is a great idea off the ground. They want to try to change the way plus sized women are seen from "a problem that needs fixing" to "a market segment niche that should be filled". Subtle difference really I guess when it comes to semantics, world of difference when it comes to how people are treated in the marketplace.

I have no idea how much entrance will be as a visitor/shopper, but I do have to say that as a vendor, as much as I like the idea, there is no way I am willing or able to participate. They are charging over 5x per day what the one of a kind show does, and over double what I would spend to participate in the Toronto Clothing Show. I don't know any sellers on the home based market who would pay that much per day for a long running established show, let alone for a brand-spanken-new upstart.

I support fat friendly shows and sites 100%, but that does not mean that I can let myself, as a small business owner, get gouged in order to do so.

On the other hand, if admission as a shopper is not an arm and a leg you can but I am going to be there with plus sized bells on! A whole show of shopping catering to me where there is a prayer I can actually "shop" rather than "browse" excites the heck out of me!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! did you go to the Expo?? what was it like?