Monday, January 7, 2008

So who is actually reading? CONTEST!!!

I know people are reading this blog because I see the numbers going up daily, but I am sooooo curious as to who is making those numbers take flight! I am not sure how to get people commenting here so that I can see who y'all are. Do you think a contest would work? Why not take a go.

Ok, so all you have to do is leave a comment, any comment. On Sunday I will take all the names, stick them into a random generator (also called a hat) and see which one comes up. The person whose name is the jumpiest and sticks to my fingers will receive an amethyst and sterling silver pendant (seen to the right) on a sterling silver chain (not shown).

Yes ladies (and gentlemen?) all you have to do is stroke my ego with one little comment and this lovely piece could be winging it's way to you via Canada Post so the two of you can begin long and happy lives together.

(Feel free to comment anonymously so long as it is nothing rude or inappropriate, but do be aware that if I do not know who you are I can not enter your name into the hat).


Look What A Bargain said...

i'm reading... mindy

stephanie said...

i'm also reading!

~Steph (

Peri said...

I love reading this blog and check it daily!