Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coupons, coupons, coupons

I just joined up with a new website where Etsy artists can offer coupons to their shops. It is quite small, but hopefully it will grow over time.

Etsy Secrets will have my first coupon up within a day or so.

As a sneak peak for readers here, I will tell you that for the next two weeks there will be free sterling silver pearls studs (available with long posts!) with purchase*... well, for those who have the coupon code anyway...

So yeah. go check it out. and if it is not there yet, please try again later.

*some restriction apply. Not valid for followers of the imperial dark lord or he who shall not be named. Limit one pair per customer unless you have two heads. Then I am happy to send to pairs. Not recommend for fetuses under 9 months. Do not use as a flotation device. In case of emergency, please do not expect your earrings to help you in any way.

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