Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Tables are turned

I was in a large plus sized shop the other day and I got the laugh of my life. A woman, clearly to small to belong in the store was browsing through the store and getting more and more frustrated as she could not find pieces in her size. She finally went up to the counter and asked if they carried smaller sizes. The woman behind the counter answered that their clothing only started at a size 14.

The woman through a fit! It was discrimination that they did not carry all sizes. IT was unfair that she should not be able to purchase the clothing in the shop in the size she wanted. The cuts were all too big on here and how was she supposed to take advantage of the sale going on when they had nothing that fit her.

Did they know that "average" (yes she used that word) sized people needed clothing at affordable clothing too...

Ok, so it never really happened... but could you imagine what would happen if it did? Think about what it would mean if every person, regardless of size, shape or gender had equal access to inexpensive and stylish clothing and was not regulated to needing to through a fit in order to have their needs met (all the while everyone else thinking they should just go else ware because they "do not belong").

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onionsoupmix said...

That happened to me once. I was in this store and they had a skirt in size 18 and the skirt was beautiful but too large and I was sad. I never found anything close to that skirt in regular shops.