Monday, June 16, 2008

Zenni Optical

I just wanted to be sure that EVERYONE knows about Zenni Optical. They offer good quality glasses, including lenses, starting from just $8. Shipping to Canada is $6 no matter how many pairs you get.

I wear a really high prescription and generally spend a fortune on my glasses. Even when I bought $49 walmart frames I still ended up paying over $500 for my glasses. Here, I chose 2 different frames, one $49 and one slightly less, got two complete pairs of glasses (including high index lenses, anti-scratch, glares and reflectives coatings) 2 cases, 2 cleaning cloths, and 2 sets of sunshades for each, for $131 including shipping. Not $8 (did not like the $8 frames) but for less than 1/4 of what Iwould generally pay for one pair, I got 2.

I have always had trouble finding glasses I liked as store optitions are a royal pita most of the time. Frankly, I knew what I wanted, they told me it could not be done in my script. Here I did not have any of the nonsense that my scripts was "to strong" for rimless frames. I got exactly what I wanted with no questions asked.

All I did was measure my owl frames so that I knew basically what size I was looking for. Zenni has detailed measurements listed for every set of glasses on its site. Yes, for those with large heads they had had plenty to choose from.

Ok, so they did take longer than lenscrafters. But even so for an internet purchase it was not to bad. I got them in just under two weeks fro mthe day I placed the order.

They do sunglasses as well, and at less that $20 including the tinting, even as just a pair for the car they are more than worth checking out!

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Anonymous said...

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